“We have seen his star in the east and
have come to worship him.”

Those words spoken by astrologers from the east showed their knowledge of a sign in the sky that would announce the birth of God—the descendant of King David.  To the astrologers who saw that star from the East, it meant the coming of God to earth.  It meant the bringing of forgiveness and new life.
At David’s Star we still proclaim full and free forgiveness for all sin, freedom for the guilty conscience, and real life with God.  At David’s Star you, too, may come to worship Jesus.

15th Annual Thunderbolt Open
Sat., Sept. 6th at West Bend Lakes

This will be our 15th year and our goal is to make $15,000 ($1000 for every year). Last year we raised $13,220. With last year’s donations D.S. purchased 30 Chromebooks for the 7th & 8th grade classrooms and the technology committee is looking to purchase more of them for the younger age groups this coming year.  For details, click here:  
Thunderbolt Open Registration Form (PDF file)

Regular Worship Services
Sunday - 7:45 & 9:30 AM
Thursday - 7:00 PM (to mid-Nov.)
Saturday - 5:00 PM

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first 
and third weekends of each month.


Weekly Church Schedule