In-person Worship Sign-up and Guidelines

In-person Worship Sign-up and Guidelines
With suggested Washington County Health Department guidelines in mind, and in keeping with common practices being implemented by other WELS congregations in Wisconsin, the elders developed the following plan for restarting in-person worship at church.
  • Recording of Livestream service will continue at 5 pm each Saturday.  This service will continue to be an option for those who are unable to attend in-person services on our campus. 

  • Worshippers are encouraged to do a self-assessment before they come to church.  If you are sick or have a fever, please stay home for the sake of others.  If you are in a high-risk category for COVID-19, please consider staying home for your own sake.

  • You are welcome to wear a face mask in church, but we are not requiring all worshippers to wear a mask.  A limited supply of handmade masks will be available for those who do not have their own personal mask to wear.

  • Ushers or an elder will help you find your seat when you arrive at church.  Individual worship folders will be placed on the pews prior to the service.  The entire service will be in your worship folder.  Hymnals will not be used.  The offering basket will be placed at the entrance to the church.  It will not be passed.

  • Communion will be offered immediately after each in-person service held inside the church.  Communion will be distributed by the “continuous distribution” method, with individuals coming up to receive the Sacrament one by one while maintaining appropriate spacing.  More specific instructions will be shared at church.

  • The pews and common surfaces at church will be cleaned before each service in the church.

  • For outdoor worship at 9:30 am on Sundays (beginning May 31), worshippers are asked to bring their own chairs or blankets.  There are no plans to set up chairs or benches in advance.  Please be prepared to deal with the sun on clear mornings.

  • We encourage all visiting with fellow members to take place outside as weather permits. 

  • A schedule of small group communion opportunities will continue as this modified in-person worship plan is in place.

 Each signup spot equals 1/2 of a pew. Please sign-up in only ONE spot if you're a household of 5 or less.
*If your household has more than 5 people attending, please sign up in 2 spots.*