About Mrs. Eggers

About Mrs. Eggers
Mrs. Eggers
3rd Grade

Total years teaching: 21
Years at David's Star: 16
Schools graduated from:  Martin Luther College, Concordia University-Chicago

I'm grateful to teach at a school where the most important "subject" (God's Word) isn't just taught in one class period, but is used as the foundation for all other subjects and in the way teachers and students deal with one another.  What a blessing it is to have the opportunity each day to share the love of Jesus with students, parents, and other members of David's Star.

In my classroom, I try to reach each individual student on a personal level in order to determine what he or she needs to grow in faith and in academics. It is also a tremendous blessing to work with many of the students in the area of music and encourage them to praise our Lord and Savior with all of their talents.