Welcome to the Preschool home page!
Our theme for this school year:
 4K Notes:
 We are studying Mary and Martha as our Christ Light lesson.  We want to make Jesus' words our first choice, just like Mary did!
We are learning about seasons in Social Studies.
We just learned the sight word she in Reading.  We are reading The Train. Our new letter is G. G is for gopher.
We began learning about measuring in math.
Our new unit is Water.  We learned that a habitat is where something lives. We used a sheet to see how waves move

3K Notes:
R is our letter of the week. We are learning rhymes and songs with R in them such as "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" and "Ring around the Rosie."
Our number of the week is 2. We are counting fish because our Unit is Water.
Jesus Blesses Children is our Bible lesson. Jesus wants children like us to come to Him because He loves children!

"David's Star Lutheran School uses Scripture to nurture, educate, and equip
children for a life of Christian service and ultimately life in heaven."