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Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?”

Uncertain times.  We are in the midst of unprecedented days which may linger.  What do we do to combat fear associated with a pandemic?  Where do we turn for comfort?  Think about a dark alley.  You hear a noise and are instantaneously afraid.  Could there be a bad guy in the alley or could there be a cat?  Either is possible.  Fear of the unknown is very common.  Take heart. God reminds us to not be afraid and to trust His Word.  Traversing the dark alley can create fear unless we have a light.  We have that light!  God the Father is the light that shines for the world and God’s Word guides our path. That light is available to us every day. 

If you are stir crazy with too much time on your hands, what might you do to busy yourself physically?  If possible, take a walk around your yard or down the street.  Listen for the sounds and sights of the spring.  Flowers are just starting to peek through the soil, the birds are singing and the buds are just beginning to form on the trees.  Can’t get out?  Open your windows as able.  To start a walking routine indoors, walk in one place for 2 minutes and progress to 5 minutes or walk briskly around your house on a designated route using the same time schedule. Rest if you get tired, keep track of your time and try to increase your minutes weekly.

Toe rises require a minimal amount of balance.  Shift the weight of the body onto the ball of your feet by raising your heels.  Use a chair for support.  This exercise keeps ankles flexible; you moving and improves the musculature of the calves.

Sit in a chair and lift your lower legs by flexing your knees.  Start with 1 repetition and progress to 5.  If this is too much, consider flexing your toes upward while you are seated using the same repetition schedule.  You might raise your arms in the same manner while seated.  If you want to add resistance to your workout, add a can of soup or bottle of water to your arm lifts. If you are so inclined bend your arms at the elbow and do arm curls.  This strengthens the bicep.

As always, be mindful about how much exercise you attempt with your current physical limitations.  Start slow. If you have questions about whether or not you should engage in any physical activity, please consult your primary physician. 

While you are increasing your activity, listen to the WELS devotions, the sermons and Bible Study. Never forget that our Savior is with us in this dark alley right now.  Pray. He is our light.  Focus on Him and let His word light your path. 

Resting in His Care,
Polly Schellinger, RN, BSN
Parish Nurse, David’s Star

Know Any Nurses?  Maybe You can help!  

Christian Nurses are richly blessed-blessed to know Jesus as savior and blessed with valuable medical knowledge and skill-sets.  So it's only natural for them to want to network in order to grow their knowledge and skills, to fellowship with like-minded Christian nurses and to team up to help others in need.

That's what brought together a group of WELS nurses in the greater Milwaukee area last spring.  Since then they've been working toward establishing a national association of WELS nurses to facilitate all of the above.  To learn more, please check out their new website: