Parish Nurse Ministry

Parish Nurse Ministry

For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord.

The year 2020 has not been an easy one for many of us. The election brought much uncertainty, along with demonstrations, violence, unemployment, isolation, virtual learning, illness and the losses surrounding Covid-19! We have learned first-hand that we dont escape heartache and trouble in this life. We have lost a lot! But what we do have is the promise that this isnt the end of the story! God is working out his plan and nothing can stop him. He has blessed us in many ways that we never would have anticipated! Who would have thought that we would have 15 Sundays in a row with beautiful weather allowing outdoor worship!

Holiday Help for Those Who Are Grieving

> Plan ahead. Consider the traditions you wish to continue and those you prefer to avoid. Set boundaries. Dont take on more than you can handle.

> Develop a coping strategy for the rough days. Make a commitment to call an empathetic friend, Pastor or one of the parish nurses.

> Take care of yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally proper nourishment and rest are essential. Look for opportunities to be in the Word. Gods promises will bring comfort.

> Its OK to feel sad. Give yourself permission to feel blue! Remind yourself that this time of sadness will pass.

> Its OK to feel good too. Laughing and having fun in no way shows disrespect to the memory of your loved one. Reach out to another who is alone. Share favorite memories.

> Keep in mind that the anticipation of the holidays is often worse than the reality.

Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11

In His service,
Sue Bolha RN (262-677-3485) or
Polly Schellinger RN (262

Know Any Nurses?  Maybe You can help!  

Christian Nurses are richly blessed-blessed to know Jesus as savior and blessed with valuable medical knowledge and skill-sets.  So it's only natural for them to want to network in order to grow their knowledge and skills, to fellowship with like-minded Christian nurses and to team up to help others in need.

That's what brought together a group of WELS nurses in the greater Milwaukee area last spring.  Since then they've been working toward establishing a national association of WELS nurses to facilitate all of the above.  To learn more, please check out their new website: