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Is My Child Well Enough to go to School?

I remember trying to decide when our children were able to return to school after a cold or the flu. Not always an easy decision! Missing work or making other arrangements for their care was tough! So I gathered a few guidelines from various online sources, (WebMD, KidsHealth)!

Fever: A fever of 100 degrees or more signals an illness that is going to make a student uncomfortable and unable to function well in class. A child should stay home until his or her temperature is less than 100 degrees for a day and she/he is feeling better. A fever the night before that comes down with Tylenol doesn’t mean they are better…it just means that the Tylenol did its job. Sometimes more rest is needed.

Vomiting, Diarrhea or Severe Nausea: These are symptoms that require a student to remain at home until a normal diet is tolerated the night before and the morning of school.

Infectious Diseases:  Diseases such as impetigo, pink eye, and strep throat require a health care provider’s visit and prescription for medication. A student may return to school 24 hours after the first dose of an antibiotic and if he/she is feeling well. Students with chicken pox may return to school when the scabs are completely dried and no new lesions are developing (5-7 days).

Rashes: Rashes or patches of broken, itchy skin need to be examined by a health care provider if they appear to be spreading or not improving.

Injuries: If a student has an injury causing continuous discomfort, then she/he should not attend school until seen by a health care provider or it improves.
Children who come to school are expected, with few exceptions, to participate fully in school activities. So send proper clothing to go out for recess. Encourage good handwashing. And keep your child home when not well enough to come to school! Call Grandma or Grandpa to come and spend the day, as they are usually more than happy to help!

Blessings from our Great Physician,

Sue Bolha RN

Know Any Nurses?  Maybe You can help!  

Christian Nurses are richly blessed-blessed to know Jesus as savior and blessed with valuable medical knowledge and skill-sets.  So it's only natural for them to want to network in order to grow their knowledge and skills, to fellowship with like-minded Christian nurses and to team up to help others in need.

That's what brought together a group of WELS nurses in the greater Milwaukee area last spring.  Since then they've been working toward establishing a national association of WELS nurses to facilitate all of the above.  To learn more, please check out their new website: