Small Group Ministries

Small Group Ministries

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Service centered groups:
Ladies Aid
Women of the congregation gather in an organized and traditional fashion to effectively and meaningfully serve the congregation.  They mainly fill the needs fo the congregation when we gather for fellowship in times of celebration and support. 

Parent’s Group (school support group)
Parents from each classroom of our Lutheran Elementary School volunteer their time and effort to support the school ministry. That includes helping to fund non budget needs, and providing informative and uplifting presentations for our parents and families.

Parish Nurses
Registered Nurses who are members of our congregation use their mercy skills to benefit our congregation.  Their services range from visiting home bound members and the hospitalized to providing health screenings and fairs. 

Adult Mixed Choir
Anyone can join this fun group of singers.  They practice once a week and provide musical edification for the congregation in worship for festival services and other occasional services through the year.

Adult Hand Bell Choir
If you can count and recognize your note, you can be a part of this cheerful sound.  They practice once a month and often support the music of our worship at festival times and other services throughout the year. 

Instrumental groups
If you play a musical instrument, your gifts could be used in worship.  We gather together ensembles often for festival services. 

Fellowship/Service/Spiritual Growth:
OWLS stands for Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors.  All members fo David’s Star 55 and older are welcome to join the group.  This group provides opportunities for service, uplifting and informative presentations, and fun fellowship with other seniors.  It is a part of a synod wide organization who can accomplish much together. 

Boy Pioneers
While we have a school that serves our grade school youth, the congregation also fills the need for a fellowship/ service group for boys.  The boys enjoy outings, campouts, pine car derby and learning many life skills along the way.

Girls Shining Stars
The girl’s fellowship/service group is similar to the boys group but focuses on activities and learning that is more focused on girl’s interests.  Many of the same interests like the pine car derby are shared activities with the boys. 

David’s Star Woodsmen
This is a new group of men who love to work together outdoors.  Their goal is to keep up the beauty of our church woods and create ways to better utilize our beautiful property.  They exist not just to work but also to build one another up as Christian men. 

DS AIR Youth Group
Teenagers are often the forgotten attribute of the Church of Christ.  This group exists to reach out to the youth of our congregation and give them opportunities for spiritual growth and service to their congregation and to the broader family of believers in our fellowship. 


Fellowship/Personal spiritual growth
Grief support group
In the prayer at the end of our Funeral Rite we pray “You give us family, friends and neighbors to help when there is loneliness now and in the days to come. This group exists to facilitate the help we need in our grieving. 

Wellness Circles
As a branch off of our parish nursing group, we bring people together to encourage good physical health.  As a part of our efforts to encourage each other to live healthy so that we can be of optimum use to our Lord and his Kingdom, we also encourage spiritual life and health. 

Barnabas Groups
Sometimes when you are in a large congregation it is difficult to feel part of the group.  And we all need to encouragement of our brothers and sisters in faith. Barnabas was the nickname of an early disciple.  Barnabas means encourager. Barnabas groups exist to create smaller groups of members for mutual encouragement through fellowship and bible study. 

Women Nurturing Women
As the name suggests this is a woman’s bible study led by women.  It is a great place to study the scriptures together and to connect with other women to be encouraged through the daily struggles of the life of Christians.

Men’s Breakfast Bible Study
This men’s bible study is pastor led at a local restaurant.  We spend the first half of the hour in study and prayer, and then eat breakfast and enjoy one another’s company.

Drop Off Devotion
Every Friday as the school day begins, parents who have just dropped off their child(ren) can stay for a morning beverage and bible study/devotion time with a pastor.  You don’t have to be a parent, anyone can come. 

Sunday Morning Bible Studies
On Sundays during the school year, we hold Bible studies for every age group between services.  We typically hold two studies for adults offering variety of style and content.


Fellowship Groups:
Dart Ball Team
This long standing tradition brings men together to compete with other church dart ball teams.  It gives brothers in faith an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and encourage one another.

David’s Star Softball Team
Currently one team is competing with other churches in the area.  More teams can form as needed.


Administrative/Service Groups
(Members are either elected or appointed to these groups.)

Voter’s Assembly
Men of the congregation after having been voted in and signed the constitution, make all the major decisions of our ministry. 

Men of the congregation who have been voted to their positions by the voter’s assembly work toward carrying out the voter’s decisions and carry on the day-to –day work of ministry in our congregation. 

Men of our congregation voted on by the voter’s assembly concern themselves with the doctrinal and spiritual aspects of our ministry.  The chairman is a member of the council.

Spiritual Growth
This group of men and women concern themselves with providing spiritual growth opportunities to all age groups in the congregation.  The chairman is an elected member of the church council.

This group of men and women work on the important encouragement of our membership to manage all their resources wisely and to the glory of God. 

This group of men and women like to think of the entire congregation as members of their committee.  It is the work of every Christian to witness to the love of Jesus.  This group advertises our ministry makes sure that we all have opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to hear the message of God’s love in Jesus our Savior.  The chairman is an elected member of the church council.

Buildings and Grounds
This group has the unending task of managing and upkeep of the physical blessings of the grounds and buildings God has granted our congregation.  They look to the many hardworking members to aid in the upkeep of our many blessings.  The chairman is an elected member of the church council.

Board of Christian Education
Men of our congregation voted on by the Voter’s Assembly support and oversee the Lutheran Elementary Education of our Church’s ministry. They make necessary decisions and recommendations to the council when decisions require higher authority.   The chairman is an elected member of the church council.

Other Opportunities for Service
Advent By Candlelight
Ladies set up and coordinate a meaningful gathering for women to prepare hearts for the coming of the Lord.

Advent/Lenten Fellowship meals
Typically groups within the congregation take turns hosting these meals.

Church Decorating Committee
This group functions at Christmas time and other festive occasions.

Counting Teams
Members work with the Treasurer to count the weekend’s offerings.

Altar Guild 
Ladies are scheduled to set up and take down communion ware on communion weekends.

Established members of the congregation are scheduled to prepare the sanctuary for services and make sure the service goes well.  He also opens and closes the facility on worship days.

Teams of men are scheduled for service to help with seating of the worshippers, collect offerings and usher worshippers for communion.

Volunteers are scheduled for worship services to be sure worshippers are warmly greeted before the service begins.
Office Volunteers  (Bulletins, etc.)

Arbor Night work crew
In the month of May anyone who wants to help with outside work gathers at the church to work on landscaping chores around the grounds.  A group of ladies also provide a meal for the workers.

Sunday Fellowship
Members sign-up to bring baked goods and fruit for worshippers to enjoy after Sunday morning worship.

Care Committee for Called Workers
These members are recruited by an elder to visit with our called workers to assess the how they are doing and to be sure that the called workers are well cared for by the congregation.

School Lunch Volunteers
Members can come into help serve the lunch to the school children on the days hot lunch is offered.  

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