The purpose of David’s Star, as a group of Christians, and its ultimate objective, is to serve all people in God’s world with his Gospel. We have a message that is more important than any other: Jesus Christ, crucified and risen for the salvation of all. 

To our guests and members alike we want to make sure your time with us is conducive to hearing God’s Word in its truth and purity. For instance:

  • For those with mobility issues, the South entrance to the school is under a roof with automatic doors and an elevator to get you up to the Church level. Wheelchairs are available at each entrance for you to use. There is also a row of chairs in the middle of the chancel for those who find the pews uncomfortable. The Pastor’s are more than willing to bring Communion to our members in the Pew if unable to come forward. Just let the Pastor or an Usher know of your situation.
  • For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide Assistive Hearing Devices in the rear of the Church (ask an Usher for help). Printed sermons can be found in the Gathering Space to use to follow the sermon or to take home to a loved one. 
  • For the visually impaired or those needing a simpler format, there are several burgundy folders with the entire printed service in the old narthex (again, ask an Usher to help you find them!) 
  •  For those with small children there are Children’s Book Bags in the cry room to help settle a restless child

If we can serve you in any way, let us know how we may help! To our friends who know us, we renew our welcome; to the first time visitor, we extend our sincere greeting; to those who seek a church home, we offer fellowship with the living Savior.

Together in Christ’s love,
Sue Bolha RN,
Parish Nurse 677-3485