Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy


  1.  From time to time children will miss school due to illness or family matters. When this happens, we would ask parents, please, either call the school office between 7:30 and 8:30 A.M. or send a note or e-mail with another child or neighbor to inform us of the absence. At the same time, please try to make arrangements for getting the assignments for the absentee.
  2. After posting the absent students at the beginning of the school day, the secretary will call the parents of any absent child who have not notified the school of the absence. Please, help the secretary by notifying the school on your own when one of your children is sick.
  3. Upon returning to school, a child must still bring a written excuse explaining the reason for the absence. (This must be done even if the parents notified the school or if the secretary contacted the parents on the day of the absence.) This helps us keep our attendance records correct and provides a double check for accuracy.
  4. For written excuses please include the student's name, date of absence, reason for the absence, and the parent's signature. Please, give a specific reason for the absence. If the child was sick, please state what the illness was (i.e. strep throat, the flu, chicken pox, etc.). This can help us notify others when certain illnesses are going around.


We appreciate your efforts to have your children in school every day. We also appreciate your efforts to schedule trips, doctor's appointments, and trips to the dentist around the school calendar. However, at times conflicts do arise which cause absences from school. While we hope you will continue your efforts to have your children in school all day, every day, we do have guidelines to follow when pre‑planned absences must occur.


  1. Please send a written excuse or an e-mail to your child's teacher stating the time of the appointment and the expected time of return to school. This will help the teacher prepare the assignments or adjust the class schedule to accommodate the absence.
  2. If you should forget to send a note, please call and speak either to the school secretary or to the child's teacher giving them the time of the appointment.
  3. These procedures should be followed even if the appointment is early in the morning. Notes should be sent the day before if at all possible or a phone call made to the office the morning of the appointment.


  1. Please notify the principal and the child's teacher in writing as far in advance as is practical and possible. Arrange for making‑up homework at least a week before the planned absence. For trips of three days or less, homework should be completed and handed in before leaving on the trip. If the trip will be more than three days, obtain as many assignments as possible, complete them, and hand them in beforehand. Students having difficulty in understanding the assignments should make arrangements for help with the teacher.
  2. We appreciate all of your efforts to plan vacations and trips around the school calendar.


  1. Parents should stay in contact with the school to obtain assignments. If necessary, arrangements may be made for taping lessons. When the student is healthy enough to prepare homework, please bring it to school regularly. The classroom teacher will determine the deadline for finishing all missed homework. Again, if special help is needed, please make the necessary arrangements with the child's teacher.
  2. Parents, we appreciate your efforts to make certain that your children are at school on time. Please keep up the good work. As always tardiness, except for late buses, should be excused with a written note.