Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy
  1. The primary goal of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School is to enroll all the children of school age within the congregation. David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students of our school.
  2. David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in its administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.
  3. Children whose families have no church connection, are members of other WELS congregations, or who are of other denominations may enroll in our school providing we have room to accommodate them.
  4. Children who transfer from another school must present a transfer or a report card upon enrollment. The scholastic rating of the previous school will be honored in most instances, unless circumstances warrant a change. (See Section IV. A-4)


  1. In keeping with the Christian purpose of our school, children whose parents are members of David's Star Evangelical. Lutheran Church is strongly encouraged to enroll, and need to meet only the mental and age requirements.
  2. For Preschool enrollment, children should be four (4) years old by September 1.
  3. For Kindergarten enrollment, children must be five (5) years old by September 1.
  4. The faculty reserves the right to establish the grade level of any child, determined by special tests and an analysis of past and present performance. Enrollment of nonmember children is requested through the principal and processed through the Board of Elementary Education.


  1. Children of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran Church may be enrolled by contacting the school principal or pastor(s). Children will be considered enrolled when the necessary forms and requirements are completed.
  2. Children of other WELS congregations are welcome to attend David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School. Their parents may enroll them by working with the school principal to complete the necessary forms and requirements.
  3. Children whose parents are not members of a WELS congregation should be directed to the principal for information concerning enrollment:

a. Requests for enrollment will be individually acted upon by the principal, in consultation with the pastor(s), and approval by the Board of Elementary Education of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School.

b. Non-member parents will meet with the pastor(s) of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School over viewing the teaching of the Lutheran church.

c. The principal will meet with the parents of the prospective student(s) and discuss the mission and purpose of the school, participation in religious instruction, cost of fees and tuition, and other matters.

d. Consideration will be given to classroom size, present number of non-WELS students, and background information available.

  1. Parents enrolling their children in David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School make a commitment to the spiritual growth of their entire family. It is beneficial that all parents attend Bible-based classes each year.


In order to carry out the unique purpose of our school without compromising that purpose, and at the same time to make Christian education available to others outside of our fellowship, the following principles will apply:

a. The children will be expected to attend the worship service at which their classmates are singing.

b. It will be expected that the parents will not publicly contradict the biblical teachings which their children are learning in our classrooms.

c. It will be expected that the children participate in the classroom and group devotions and religion classes.

d. It will be expected that the children participate in the all-school functions (the Christmas Eve Service, the Operetta, and graduation services, and the like).

e. We encourage the children to participate in our Lutheran Boy or Girl Pioneer program but may not belong to any organization which teaches a philosophy that contradicts the Word of God (i.e., The International Scouting Organization, Demolay, Job’s Daughters, and the like).

f. Questions and concerns of the parents will be handled by the individual teacher involved and the principal. The principal will decide which cases merit the attention of the school board.

g. Tuition and fees must be paid on schedule in order for a child to remain in good standing.

h. The children must comply with all other policies and requirements which pertain to the rest of the student body (physical records, academic standing, discipline, and the like), as well as any other policies and requirements which are not mentioned specifically in this document.

i. This policy statement will be explained to non-WELS and ELS parents and signed by them. If at any time it is discovered that the parents or children are at variance with this policy statement, the matter will be discussed with them.

j. If the parents of the non-member child find that they are unable to comply with this statement, the parents will be encouraged to withdraw their child or children from our school or will be asked to do so by the Board for Elementary Education upon review of the matter.