Testimonials from parents at David's Star

Question: Would you recommend David's Star Lutheran School to another family? Why or Why not? *

  • Yes, small single grade classes, friendly family like atmosphere
  • Yes, caring teachers, God’s Word daily, teachers get to know the families-probably not the same in the public schools
  • Yes, What our Christian Education does to create and nurture faith is priceless.
  • Yes, because the great value you place upon the children that attend
  • Yes, strong secular achievement/curriculum taught with a Christ/Savior focus
  • Yes, I recommend it to anyone that is looking for trustworthy teachers and a church to attend
  • Yes, excellent education, Christ-centered, caring teachers
  • Yes, because of all of the comments above
  • Yes, we have to others already
  • Absolutely! I have already
  • Yes, great Christ-centered education
  • I already have!
  • Yes, I love the small class sizes and the teachers we have had are amazing. I like to see the families at church as well as at school.
  • I already have and will continue to do so to everyone I know. One of my friend’s daughters is attending KML next year because of how much I talked up the beautiful wonderful community. She was a student at Grace Lutheran. I’m also talking with another family in Germantown who are considering David’s Star. We love it and are blessed to have ours in the school/church.
  • Yes, good Christian environment
  • Yes. It is a great school that focuses on the importance of Christian values. It has families that offer a lot of support and love for each other.
  • Yes. Great facilities, dedicated staff, small class sizes, extended education, all in a Christ centered education.
  • Yes, Of course every parent’s priorities for school are different, but I think David Star tries to provide a large array of opportunities for the students to grow, religiously, academically and through extra-curriculars. I have noticed many teachers seem to work hard in the classroom during school and puts in all the additional time with the extra activities outside of school.
  • Absolutely. Great Christ centered school, great staff and a nice facility. Good offering of sports and extracurricular programs. Our family has been very pleased with our experience at David's Star.
  • Absolutely! The environment of the school is loving and nurturing, and discipline is taken care of in a Christ centered way. The teachers truly care about the children and give 100% effort to teaching. The Pastors are actively involved in the school which is huge. The curriculum is top notch and taught from a Christ centered perspective.
  • Yes - If I were talking with another family. I have feel that most of the time I am working with teachers and other parents that are on the same page as myself and we are all working towards the same goal. I am appreciative of the efforts of teachers to promptly notify parents of any issues with grades. This has helped us parent our students through some 'rough patches' before their grades slipped too much.
  • Yes, and I do often.
  • Yes, I would recommend David’s Star Lutheran to another family. David’s Star Lutheran provides a Christ-centered education. The academics are improving especially in the areas of math and reading.