School Closing Policy

School Closing Policy

When will David’s Star close school and who makes that decision? In instances of no heat, water, electricity, or a school-wide illness, the principal will make that decision. Weather closings are determined by the bus companies and surrounding school districts, so the principal tries to follow their advice in those situations.

Procedures Followed

  1. School Closings will be announced on Channels 4, 6, and 12. If you have a Smart phone it might be a good idea to download the weather alert/school closing app from one of these stations. That station will automatically send you a text message if school is delayed or closed.
  2. If there is a two hour delay, there will be NO 3K or 4K Preschool classes.
  3. If there is a two hour delay, the busses will still be running to pick up your child, but their pick-up times will be two hours later.
  4. If there is a two hour delay, Childcare will be provided at the regular times for your child, so they will have a safe place to be, and parents can go to work.
  5. If school is cancelled during the school day, Child Care will be provided until parents are able to pick up their child.
  6. If school is cancelled before the school day starts, there will be NO Childcare provided at all during the day.
  7. If school is cancelled any time before the school day or during the day, there will be no after school activities.
Hopefully this will clear up some misunderstandings and answer some questions about our school closing procedures. I realize that delays and closing can change family schedules and cause frustrations, but please contact the principal, Mr. Gustafson

Contact information: or 262-677-2412.

Mr. Gustafson

Revised: January 2017