Two ways to support David's Star and the various WELS ministries are listed below.  One is with the Simply Giving program and another with offering envelopes.
Simply Giving® program 
Simply Giving® is an automated giving program designed to help you conveniently and consistently contribute to a Lutheran congregation or institution or to pay tuition at a Lutheran school. Through Simply Giving®, your gifts or tuition payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account or credit card. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift—weekly, semi-monthly or monthly—the option is yours. Your gift or payment is deposited into the recipient's bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account—at no cost to you or the recipient.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers Simply Giving® to further its mission of serving Lutheran congregations and institutions.
Offering Envelopes
It can be confusing when you see all the different offering envelopes in your packet each week. The following will explain what each of them is for.
Weekly Envelopes
There are four different areas that your offering can benefit: David’s Star Operating Fund, Synod and Missions, David’s Star Building & Improvement Fund, and Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School Operating Fund. The monies that are designated to Synod supports mission work and called worker training. These four are very important ministries that need weekly support.
Monthly Envelopes
The Our Foundation Built On The Rock envelope is to support the project of David’s Star to build a new worship facility that includes classrooms, cafeteria and much needed offices for the school. This project will enable David’s Star Church and School to better reach out to our community and spread the Word of God through various ministries available at our church and school. 
The Together Shining Like The Stars envelope is for the pledge that David’s Star made when it’s daughter congregation Morning Star in Jackson was created. This mission work in Jackson is very important with the huge population growth Jackson is experiencing. These new people need to have a WELS Church and school available to them to learn the Word of God.
The Restricted Building Fund envelope uses the money received to help fund any new building project at David’s Star.
The Time To Grow envelope is KML’s Building Fund. They have had some big expansion projects over the past few years and have more planned in the future. We need to continue to support them in order to offer the best we can to our high school students.
he WLCFS (Wisconsin Lutheran Children & Family Services) envelope supports this synod program that manages senior living residences, and provides family counseling.
The Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministry envelope supports a synod program that provides chaplains devotions and bible studies to hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.
The David’s Star Tuition Assistance Fund envelope helps assist families that are sending their children to KML.
The WELS Student Assistance envelope helps assist people that are attending a WELS worker training school such as the seminary and Martin Luther College.
The Synod Relief envelope supports the synod’s program that helps congregations recover from a natural disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods.
Each month you will have a Mail Back envelope that will have David’s Star address preprinted on it. If you are unable to attend a church service, you may place your check in the envelope and mail it to the church. We are excited about this way of allowing you to participate in David’s Star ministry even if you are unable to attend the service.

As you can see there are a lot of different ministries that need your support to continue offering their services. Please consider each one of these envelopes when you see them throughout the coming year.