What is a Parish Nurse?

What is a Parish Nurse?
A Parish Nurse is a Wisconsin state licensed registered nurse (RN) who believes that Jesus is Lord and Savior, and strives to serve the Lord and His people through the nursing profession.

The Parish Nurse will function in the following major roles:

Heath Educator:  The Parish Nurse presents and arranges educational programs dealing with health topics.  The nurse may facilitate immunization clinics, and may organize screenings for hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, vision, and other health concerns.

Health Counselor:  The Parish Nurse meets with parishioners to discuss and listen to concerns.  These concerns may be physical, psychological/emotional, or spiritual nature.

Volunteer Coordinator:  The Parish Nurse recruits, trains, and supervises volunteers and support groups to assist with the overall health ministry in the congregation.

Community Liaison:  The Parish Nurse serves as a referral to other health and social agencies in the community and supplies information to the congregation that promotes healing and wellness.

In doing so the RN integrates her faith in this non-invasive wellness nursing practice.