Facility Use Policy and Application

Facility Use Policy and Application
Please read the following information and guidelines below.  Please complete and return the following form to the school/church office:  Facilities Usage Application and Agreement 


A.       Smoke Free Environment

        David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School shall be a smoke-free environment. Smoking and use of tobacco products will not be allowed within the building or on the campus of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School at any time because of the possible effects of second-hand smoke and the damage that the smoke can cause to the circuit boards of various electronic equipment and computers throughout the school.

B.        Use of School Building

1.      Those Who May Use the Gym of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School

a.       Any group or organization of David’s Star Lutheran Church has the privilege of using the gym as long as it is willing to follow the rules listed in this policy.

b.      Children’s groups (a group comprised of children and/or teenagers under age 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult chaperone who must remain with and be in control of the group at all times.

c.       The chaperone must be age 18 or older and a high school graduate. The chaperon assumes responsibility for the group.

d.      There must be one chaperone for every 15 individuals in the group.

e.       Groups made up of members from David’s Star Lutheran Church will be permitted use of the gym at no financial cost.

f.       Groups that are not made up of members of David’s Star Lutheran Church must obtain prior approval from the Athletic Director. The following conditions must also be met before the gym can be used:

1.      A refundable security deposit of $50.00 must be made to the David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School Office prior to use of the gym.

2.      A certificate of insurance from the groups that carry insurance must be delivered to the David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School Office.

3.      The group will be charged $50.00/session (a session being in length up to 3 hours) plus an additional $25.00/hour after the initial session for use of the gym. Payment is due upon completion of gym use. The group is responsible for clean up of the gym. The security deposit or a portion of it will be returned upon inspection of the gym facilities by the Athletic Director.

4.      Multiple use rates can be negotiated through the Athletic Director and approved by the Principal and processed through the Board of Elementary Education.

2.      Procedures to Obtain Use of the Gym of David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School for groups

a.       Permission must be requested at the school office at least 24 hours in advance.

b.      The request will be presented to the Athletic Director to check on the gymnasium’s availability.

c.       The request will be confirmed or denied and persons requiring permission will be notified. If confirmed, the reservation will be posted on the office calendar.

d.      The school office will issue a key, if necessary, to the person in charge. This person is then responsible for his or her group and is expected to follow the following guidelines:

1.      Remain in the building at all times.

2.      Check the building after use.

3.      Turn off gymnasium lights.

4.      Check and turn off all locker room lights, including the lights in the inner bathrooms in locker room.

5.      Turn off all hallway lights.

6.      Make sure all emergency exits and outside doors are locked.

7.      Report any damages or injuries to the David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School Office through the Athletic Director.

8.      Groups and/or individuals will be held financially responsible for damages. 

9.      Leave the key in a designated area at the school.

10.  Complete any clean up that is necessary.

3.      General Rules

a.       The gym will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to members or groups of David’s Star Lutheran Church.

b.      The groups may use the gym and locker room facilities. The rest of the school is off limits.

c.       The use of the scoreboard requires special permission.

d.      All participants must have gym shoes.

e.       There is absolutely no hanging on the basketball rims because they are not break-away rims.

f.       Groups and/or individuals will be held financially responsible for damages. 

g.      Christian conduct and language is expected at all times, for all participants.

h.      Infractions of rules will result in loss of gym use privileges.