Welcome to the Preschool home page!
Our theme for this school year:
 4K Notes:
 We are learning about God and how much He loves us. We can see His love in the Creation of our world and in how He took care of those who loved Him such as Abraham and Moses.

We identify our letters and sounds. Using an action helps us remember the sound.

We sort objects in Math. Soon we will work on patterns.

We go on field trips to learn about apples, pumpkins, and fire safety.

We play on our new playscape. We like driving the bus and playing in the house. We like walking on the stumps and playing the alligator drum.

3K Notes:
We learn about one letter and one number per week. We create an art project to help us remember the letter. We learn about Jesus and how much He loves us.

"David's Star Lutheran School uses Scripture to nurture, educate, and equip
children for a life of Christian service and ultimately life in heaven."